Mastering Material Handling: A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Cranes

Unpacking the Mechanics of Overhead Factory Cranes At Handling Systems International (HSI), we understand that the backbone of any efficient production, assembly, or logistics operation often relies on the adept handling of materials. Overhead Factory Cranes, commonly referred to as Bridge Cranes or Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) cranes, are at the heart of these processes. […]

Going Outdoors?

Cranes are often used in harsh or outdoor environments creating challenges for both the manufacturer and the end user. The manufacturer is responsible for communicating the proper use and limitations of outdoor cranes and the end user is responsible for maintaining the equipment over time. No matter how hard you may try to manufacture maintenance free outdoor equipment, there really is no such thing as “maintenance free” or iron that will “never rust”. Like a fine car, equipment needs to be maintained for optimal results and to keep a product that will look and work nice years after installation.

Know your ABC’s?

We all learned long ago that Knowledge is Power. The more you can understand the product you are selling and the competition you are up against, the better salesperson you will be. Sales requires more than just timely quotes and good follow up, it requires knowledge of the application and the tools being used to accomplish the task. As salespersons, we need to be Strategic Advisors (rather than salespersons) so that we ultimately earn the trust of our customer and they call us again and again for opportunities. When we become Strategic Advisors, the customer will not go anywhere else.