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Handling Systems, a company that values family traditions and strength, has maintained a steadfast commitment to its original brand vision of delivering custom-built cranes that precisely match each customer’s specifications. Over the years, Handling Systems has built a reputation for producing Quality Made Strong cranes that meet the diverse needs of industries.

The company was founded in Forest Park, IL, a suburb of Chicago, by a former engineer from a large auto parts manufacturer. Recognizing the demand for custom cranes in neighboring Midwest factories, the engineer started building one-of-a-kind cranes. As the business grew, a decision was made to relocate to a more suitable facility in La Grange, IL, to accommodate the expanding operations.

While custom cranes formed the company’s foundation, it was the support and influence of dealers that led Handling Systems to develop a standardized product line. This strategic shift allowed the company’s growing dealer-only sales force to effectively serve factories across the country. Mark Rehor and his partners recognized the company’s potential and purchased it, leading to the official name change to Handling Systems International, Inc.

Under the leadership of Mark Rehor and his sons, Mike and Mark (Jake) Rehor, Handling Systems underwent a comprehensive revitalization process. The focus was placed on sales, product development, and manufacturing efficiency, resulting in a reinvigorated business. In 2013, the company introduced a new logo and domain (www.hsicrane.com), marking a significant milestone in its journey.

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As a testament to its growth and success, Handling Systems recently relocated to a new 60,000 square foot facility in McCook, IL. This state-of-the-art space enables the company to enhance its operations and better serve its customers. Additionally, Handling Systems announced an exclusive partnership with Niko (Helm Hellas SA), allowing them to offer a complete line of enclosed track crane systems manufactured in McCook, IL, USA.

To support its dealers and drive their success, Handling Systems launched a dedicated dealer crane sales training center. This facility aims to equip dealers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively market and sell the company’s exceptional crane products. By investing in dealer success, Handling Systems strives to maintain its position as an industry leader.

As Handling Systems continues to move forward, its core values of family, quality, and customer satisfaction remain unwavering. The company invites customers and partners to join them on their journey as they build upon their legacy, shaping the industry with superior cranes and a relentless commitment to excellence.

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Anita Greitzly

Project Manager

Grisha Gisella

Safety Manager

Johan Joseph

Engineer Manager

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