Know your ABC’s?

We all learned long ago that Knowledge is Power. The more you can understand the product you are selling and the competition you are up against, the better salesperson you will be. Sales requires more than just timely quotes and good follow up, it requires knowledge of the application and the tools being used to accomplish the task. As salespersons, we need to be Strategic Advisors (rather than salespersons) so that we ultimately earn the trust of our customer and they call us again and again for opportunities. When we become Strategic Advisors, the customer will not go anywhere else.

At Handling Systems INTL (HSI), we are always amazed at the number of cranes quoted (and sold) without hoists or below-the-hook attachments. Where are these components? Is there a graveyard of hoists out there just waiting for cranes? This leads to the question…do our dealers really understand the application of the equipment they are quoting/selling? The sad reality is, most do not. After all, how can we expect a distributor with a plethora of products to sell, to be an expert at cranes and hoists? We don’t. What we need is the distributor to involve us in the sales process. If we are involved, we often ask the right questions, get good information and find opportunities for our distributors to sell complete lifting solutions. The complete lifting solution is the A, B, and C of lifting.

The A, B, C of lifting is the Jib (A) the Hoist (B) and the Below-the-Hook attachment (C). Ultimately the end user needs all three. At HSI we have industry experts with years of experience in all three facets of lifting. Not only do we manufacture world class cranes, but we are also Master Dealers for some of the largest hoist manufacturers in the world. We work with some of the biggest and best Below-The-Hook manufacturers and have relationships that allow us to go out and get the right product for the application. This know-how and resourcefulness allows for our distributors to “one-stop shop” for the complete lifting solution when they call HSI… A, B & C.

At HSI, we invest in training for our sales team so that we are well versed in all three categories (A, B & C) of lifting; setting us apart from our competition. Our industry changes and we need to stay on top of the latest developments. New products are being introduced all the time whether by HSI or some of the brands we represent. The product today is much different than just a decade ago.

See, anyone can sell a crane, but only Strategic Advisors can sell a complete lifting solution. Let us help you become this expert.

Remember, Knowledge is Power.


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